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    No beeps with lanyard key, craft wont start.

    2000 GTX DI. Been sitting in storage with the battery disconnected. Charged the battery and when I put the key on the post I dont receive any beeps, but the display lights up and I can hear what I'm assuming is the fuel pump pressurize in the engine compartment. It just hit 100 hours and the maintenance light came on when I did, the red light is also flashing but it did that at the same time as the craft hitting 100 hours. The craft ran just fine before being put in storage last year and was running fine with the maintenance message.

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    get a new battery. these skis are very finicky when they dont get 12.5V

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    Sounds like a battery to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bssg View Post
    Sounds like a battery to me.

    I would test the battery first before suspecting it as the culprit. On my DI I have gotten the two beeps with a near dead battery, have heard the pump prime but it was not near enough to crank the starter at all. If it's acid filled go get a tester to check the state of charge for each cell or go have it load tested if it's sealed. Then go from there.

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