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    This forum has inspired me but i'll need some help...

    So, I have two 1994 Yamaha Wave Raiders both 700's and both in okay physical condition but have been beaten up over the years (by previous owners and some by my brother) but looking through this forum has inspired me to want to do more. Recently my starter went out on one of them so im in the process of taking off the exhaust manifold and pipe to replace it. I had it tested and sure enough it was bad. No problem. What I really want to do though it get some flame arrestors for both skis and at least start to give it a little more power. This is where my problems start.

    One of my skis has a carb problem...looking though your threads has told me it most likely needs to be taken off and cleaned. Basically it hesitates when you give it full throttle from idle then gets up and goes. Is that right? Should I be looking for something else? How easy is it to take off the carb and how would I do so? Also, If im looking to put flame arrestors on it dont I need to re-work the high/low speed needles? Does anyone know the specs on this for a K&N filter? The part im looking at can be found here:
    And the adapter can be found here:
    Am I doing this right? Any help or further advice would be appreciated.


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    You're on the right track. Usually you'll have to change the pop-off pressure with flame arrestors.
    Here's what my carb service manual says:

    When does it become necessary to adjust pop-off?
    When personal watercraft come from the factory they have fairly high pop-off due to the fact that they also have somewhat restrictive air intake systems that cause the engine to generate very high manifold pressures; the higher the manifold pressures, the higher the pop-off pressure required to properly regulate the fuel delivery to the engine. As you modify or change your watercraft's flame arrestor to a less restrictive type you will most likely start to experience a lean hesitation caused by a decrease in manifold pressure. This change will require an adjustment in pop-off pressure to regain crisp throttle response. Because most aftermarket flame arrestors are less restrictive than stock, you will need to decrease pop-off to compensate.

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    Maybe im getting in over my head. This is something I want to do but what's pop off? Are you saying I need to increase or decrease engine compression? How would I do that? Or, is this just something I can adjust from the high/low speed carb needles?

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    You are getting in over your head at this point. But keep reading, learning, and asking questions and you'll get it figured out.
    Pop-off pressure is 1 of the 5 carb fuel delivery adjustments. It has nothing to do with engine compression.

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    Ok so I've made some pretty good strides so far. I got the new starter in and it fired right up! I also got two after market ride plates and two after market intake grates for my skis. I cant wait to see them! I've been doing a ton of bondo work on both of them too and they are shaping up nicely I did some light sanding on the plastic to get the dirt and debris off of it and have been hitting it with the heat gun....they look brand new! Ill try to post some pics as I have come to find out that you guys simply love them.

    I did have one more thing I wanted to do before riding...the stock sponsons on one of the skis is trashed...I want to get some WORX ones but im thinking they sound like a huge pain to install. Anyone ever done it on raiders? I dont want to put the lame stock ones back on but I just want to know if someone has some tips for making the process easier. I was thinking of drilling out the pop rivets and just pop riveting the new WORX ones on with some larger rivets to fill the gap, add some silicone and call it a day but a lot of you seem to want to bolt them in. ADVICE?

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