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    Anyone dealt with Mline lately?

    I was looking at seats, sent an email to Mline to request some swatches. I noticed that they don't have any auctions on ebay at the moment, just the storefront. The email bounced back, said the mailbox is full. I'm wondering if they are still in business; has anyone had contact with them lately?

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    Last year I asked 3 different times, they never responded one time. Jetrim here I come. I dont think M-Line has none slip anyways, that was one of my questions that they also would not answer.
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    The guy I delt with when I bought mine was Jason Roux []. I don't know if he still works there or not....

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    Jason was the guy I had delt with too, this was about a year ago.

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    I had mine done by Hydro turf. it came out awsome and they were right on the money with the design I PICKED OUT. it only cost an extra 30 for them to use my design. Also the install was cheap as well. When I priced it out vs Jetrim they were hundreds cheaper!!! They do have non-slip and I love my seat!

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    Hey i just bought one from Jason at Mline. Although it take some time to get the seat cover due to the holidays and what not i am satisfied with the quality of the material. Jason still works there. I belive its a at home shop. I think he might be the only one that works there. might even be the owner. I dont think they have none slip. Just try to email him again. I love the look of my new rxp seat .

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