There's a similar thread for US dealers (sticky in this forum).

I'm interested in good and bad experiences had by Aussies at Australian Seadoo dealers. I have lost faith in my local dealer and am going elsewhere for my 2012 rxpx.

I can add one.

DEALER: JSW Powersports (Jet Ski Wharehouse)
COMMENTS: At last service they overfilled my oil by 700ml and didn't change the spark plugs (can't prove this unfortunately). Sales department is terrible, sales guys are obnoxious, not knowledgeable at all and you practically have to grab them by the neck to get any help at all. You also often need to book an servicing or warranty work around 2 months in advance, although I must admit they get things done reasonably fast once they have your ski. Most pricing is average for Australian dealers but the place reminds me of a chop shop. Get em in, get em out mentality.

Please let me know if a thread already exists but I couldn't find one here.