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    What would you do?

    Ok i bought this ski with a muffeddd up motor. needs a crank and possibly a cylinder, it will need a rebuild kit for 1 cylinder and it might need a head, but it looks im thinking crank $450~ 1 rebuild kit 100 dollars, but if im doing one i might as well just do all three so now were at 300~. then i need a whole gasket kit for 165 then i need someone to install it all for 500-600 bucks.

    lets add that up 450+300+550+165=1465

    I can send my engine to spt for about a hundred bucks and the engine costs 1600 plus 50 for a gasket kit plus 100 for shipping

    so if i go sbt we're at 1750~

    The thing that makes me want to go sbt is the ease of it and the fact that they have a good warranty.

    Honestly if they didnt have a warranty i would just have it rebuilt because ive heard sbt engines are kinda crappy.

    Let me know if my numbers are far off or what you think


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    I would not go with SBT, especially for an Ultra 150.

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    build the motor your self ( if you are able) with quality parts, and then you KNOW you have something that will last.

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    Check ebay. There is a freshly built motor on there i believe for around 1400

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    Quote Originally Posted by john zigler View Post
    build the motor your self ( if you are able) with quality parts, and then you KNOW you have something that will last.
    +1 If not you'll get good at R&R engine.

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    SBT Rebuilt Crank $450
    OEM TopEnd $250
    Gasket Set $200
    Re-Nikasiled Jug $350 or find a
    good used one ($200)
    If you need a used head $65.00
    You have already got the motor out so labor is free...Personally, I have re-built a few SBT motors with under 20 hours on them that have been blow up due to what appears to me to be human error. I would rebuild my own motor first. Follow the manual.

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    I have some extra parts if needed, like CDI, CARBS, oil & throtle cables, etc let me know if you are in need will sell cheap

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