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    Can I add on an external fuel pump to my Hurricane?

    I've been fighting what seems to be a fuel supply problem on my Hurricane for a few years. Right now, I'm settling on the problem being a weak fuel pump (which is built into the first carb). John Z. has tried to find me some fuel pump rebuild parts, but can get only carb rebuild kits minus the fuel pump rebuild parts. I'd really like to confirm my problem by adding an inline fuel pump first. If the problem goes away, then I can pursue finding the carb pump rebuild parts. Anyone tried this? Thanks.

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    There are several things to trace down before going this route.
    1) Do a leak down test on the crank case; both pressure and vacuum. A leaky case will cause poor pulse to the fuel pump.
    2) Test compression. Excessive blowby can mess up pulse.
    3) Inspect reeds. If your reeds are bad you won't keep full pressure in the case and again, poor pulse.

    This is a Keihn card right? I'm surprised you can't get carb rebuild kits with pump parts.


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    have you tried for the pump parts

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    This happened one spring right out of storage. The last ride of the previous year, it ran awesome. That's one reason I suspect rubber deterioration of the fuel pump. I've tested compression, but not leakdown. Reeds shouldn't have gotten weak over the winter, but I'm open to checking them as well. I'll also try for the fuel pump parts. Thanks for the responses.

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    Fuel lines,filters and fuel selecter valve ? The valve has rubber o-rings.If you are losing suction-the pump will not work properly.

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    I replaced all the fuel lines. I bypassed the fuel selector valve because it is bad. Somehow, internally, all three ports allow fluid to pass in any position. (I'll need to find a source for this once the fuel delivey problem is solved.) This was done last year with no apparent benefit thus leaving me looking at the fuel pump as culprit.

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    Related to replacing your fuel selector valve -

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    Double Post

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    External fuel pumps vibrate more, and are an added hassle...
    If you suspect your fuel pump is weak, and dont want to invest in a fuel pump pressure gauge do the following;
    #1 Ride the boat and watch the tachometer to determine where the rpm starts to fall off
    #2 Fold the fuel return line (from the carbs to the fuel tank) in half and pinch with vice grips to eliminate the return circuit
    #3 See if the rpm increases from the additional fuel available in the supply circuit

    If this works, call John at Watcon, and order new fuel pump kits.
    The fuel pumps seldom fail;


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    Pinching the return fuel line sounds like a great idea for any ski with questionable fuel pressure. Thanks Randy. (And thanks Ghost, for the link to the fuel valve replacement.) Is the Hurricane supposed to have a restrictor in the fuel return line to help build some pressure?

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