Well my ski is not starting, here is full story. I was out in the ocean when ski cut off and would only start for a second before dying again, luckily I had someone tow me back to shore. I took carburetor to a shop to get it rebuild, they pulled some weird stuff out of there hair paint etc, had to wait for rebuild kit for a few days brought it to the shop and I should have it back by Tuesday. Meanwhile I bought another carb just for the hell of it, I was told its working looked clean put it on ski and it wont start, will run if I pour some gas directly into carb but only for a few seconds. Now I marked all lines when I took carb off and its a stock 28mm with external pump, I am getting fuel in lines both return and in lines want to make sure I got them back in correctly from external pump top nozzle line goes to carb bottom nozzle, return line from top nozzle on carb back to fuel tank, pulse line bottom of pump to intake manifold, did not mess with any other lines. Gas/oil fresh, when I pull either line off carb fuel comes out of the carb nozzles. Carb that I bought has no choke and hole for choke has been filled with silicone. I think thats about it, thanks!