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    Yamaha gp800 running rough

    I just got a new to me 2000 yamaha gp800. When I start it I have to choke it to death to get it to run. Once running when I release the choke it will idle down real low and if I give it any gas it will fall flat on it's face and cut out. Compression is good on both cylinders so any ideas on where I should look will be appreciated. Even once the ski is warm it wont even start unless I use full choke. Thanks

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    If you have to keep choke out that is the first sign that your carbs are gummed up. If it was left up with ethanol gas for even two weeks it can get water in carbs, go ahead and clean carbs out and you will be good to go.

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    I have a 2000 yamaha gp800 that I got a couple weeks ago. It has about 140 hours on it and has been running good on Friday but then 2 days later it started running junky. Very sluggish acceleration and a top speed of only 35 mph. Nothing is in the intake I checked. Any ideas? Also I flipped it over before driving it to clean the bottom and made sure I rolled it the right way.

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    pull the carbs....clean all the jets and rebuild them with a kit.

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