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    Gprsho first time out, some Minor bugs.

    Hey guys, finally after a long time I have taken my gprsho out a couple of times for the first time.. Without adjusting the ride plate etc etc, I was happy with how it handled untuned, it didn't bounce around or buck or anything.. Which is good. Here's my small issues

    How do I override the reverse sensor? I have put a magnet on it but it still sometimes engages into reverse mode, is there anyway other way we can override it?

    Major cavitation! My mods are, c2 wheel, r2 R&d reflash, ic, ribbon delete, hks bov, riva exhaust, gp800 ss grate, stock trim tabs, riva ride plate, seadoo pump and 15/22 prop, wear ring and prop are both new

    I have not gps'd it, but I'm guessing somewhere near mid 80s at this stage.. The rpms are at 8250rpm before I repitch it for higher rpm for top speed, I want to figure out the major cavitation that's happening, and also how to sort out the reverse sensor.

    Any help would be great thanks guys


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    as far as cavitation goes try a 1200 grate and see what that does, if not a repitch may in order..

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    If I can get my hands on a 1200ss grate I'll give it a go, but I can't see the cavitation dramatically improving.. There is heaps of cavitation. But more importantly is this reverse sensor? How did you gpsho boys go around it??

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    I had posted this in a different topic in regards to the reverse magnet....

    "You won't need any specific magnet. I bought a rectangle one that was basically the size of the top of the sensor, put a thin layer of ultrablack and and then cut black duct tape to wrap it for piece of mind and looks. Of course make sure before you bond them together to have the right side of the magenet mated to the top of the sensor. Fire the ski up, try to rev it and you'll hear it lay over from the limiter kicking in...then hold the magnet on top the sensor one side at a time until it eliminates the limiter to determine which side to mate with it. Hopefully this helps you out some."

    Keep us posted. Be patient, it will come around. You have a proven platform, just pay close attention to detail when in search of your speeds. Be careful and stay safe.
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    The SS 800 or any other 800 grate will cavitate badly on holeshot, or anytime you pin it while the hull is getting up on plane. If it is cavitating while accelerating on plane, you may have too much impeller to wear ring clearance, or the pump shoe to transom plate is not sealed properly.

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    It only cavitation at a stand still, I sealed the crap out of everything really nicely, but I may need to inspect my pump shoe closer maybe that's the problem, while on plane it's fine, it pulls really nice. At 8250rpm I can see more speed when I repitch to around 8500rpm but first sort out cavitation so It doesn't get worse when we pitch it up to 8500, wear ring and prop are brand new with very minimal clearance. I will get my hands on a 1200ss grate if I find one. As for the reverse sensor I guess a magnet is the only way to go..

    Anyone have a 1200 grate??
    I'll do another speed run with a gps to see where I'm at and what I need to play with. And also redo the magnet. Thanks guys. I'll post a nice video up soon

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    dont think you'll be finding a 1200ss grate, but you can simply try an R&D 1200 grate and just keep the speed lower, or you can mod your ss800 grate. there are a few guys on the forum that can help with that, i beleive philip_gpr's red ski thread has the modification pictures in it.

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    If I don't find a 1200 grate I'll look st other options, what can I do to the 800 grate?

    As for the R&d, I do want to get maximum mph but safety is always first, how do I know when I have hit the limit with a grate that isn't stainless steel?

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    i dont suggest running the r&d cast grate permanently but just fitting it temporarily to see if this is the cause of your cavitation. as for the 800ss modifications

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    Pm'd Phillip. Wow he really knows the setup inside out, thanks dude

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