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    MSX cylinders on 1165

    Who here has installed MSX cylinders on the older 1165 motors? I know ideally the porting needs to be modified. Some are cutting the base down, and then raising the exhaust port. Some are just installing thicker base gaskets. Trying to plan out my Virage TX project. Spoke to Jay for quite a while the other day and this got me thinking. I've been considering keeping the stock single pipe and running the MSX cylinders, or keeping the stock cylinders and running tripple pipes...Both would be nice eventually. Tripple pipes, Jay's ported MSX cylinders, 46-48mm carbs, high compression domes, 6 deg wedge, 7.5 prop...should be good for 70mph+.

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    we have ported many msx cyl. they deffinately are going to make more power,those cyl. the reason (SOME PEOPLE) shim them is because the ports are really to low both on the transfers and the exhaust,but just shimming them is not the correct way to do it!!! your robbing HP.TRUST ME. your stock cyl. can also be ported and still make good power but a three port makes more and can do it with a lower exhaust which means less compression)less heat, better bottom end. my choice would be the msx.cyl. JAY can hook you up either way.

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    don't the msx cylinders have a bigger port opening at the manifold???if so that would require that you run the msx manifold and pipe to properly mate to the cylinders.i believe the triple pipe adapters match the msx port openings

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    exhaust manifolds

    the msx and the 1200 manifolds both have the same opening size. they both take the same gasket. the diffrence is where the pipe mounts are for the 1200 and the msx style pipe. so either manifold works fine for the msx cylinders. you just have to use a msx pipe with a msx manifold and a 1200 manifold with a 1200 pipe. pretty straight forward.

    the msx cylinder measures .50mm or .020" larger than both manifolds. that is only .25mm or .010" on either side. this is not even enough to feel. but if you wanted to be picky you could just open it up slightly. we have used the msx cylinders on 1200 with single pipes and they work mint. the 1350 on a single pipe rips. a complete torque monster. there will be one in a msx with a msx single pipe and carbs shortly. i am going to guess of a top speed of about 68-71 mph in a 2003 msx hull. stay tuned for the updates.

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