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    single pipe pro1200

    if i had to build one all over from stock and could not run triples i'd build it just like this.92 octane domes and cdi,gives it lots of down low power for harder acceleration,carbon tech petals light tension,for the same reasons and you keep the reed stuffers.and i'd stay with the 40mm stock carbs as the 42's are practically non existent.gas consuption is a big issue with a 1200 triple carb setup and 9.8 gallons.jet works valve to keep the waterbox clear,the stock waterbox is a race piece and only required having the inlet opened to 3" to run any porting-carb setup with the factory pipe triples.if you could make a set of lako stacks for the stock flame arrestor or find a set or get the correct adapters for an aftermarket set of f/a's.the 40mm carbs really respond well to having the carb throat top lined up correctly with the f/a base.on the 2000 model i'd replace the 70 pilot jets with 65's like the 2001 has.i'd definatley graft in a pro785 fuel tank platform and run a 12.5 slx tank setup.this will get the tank weight properly centered in the hull.some type of race sponson as the hull just eats it up.i personally don't like the hotseat rideplates unless they've been rewelded.they are really bad about cracking from wave/wake jumping.the pro benefits from relieving the rear a little to help raise the nose at speed.the pump having the forward stator setup needs at least a 2-3" spacer added to the tailcone to fill in the pump area behing the prop.river water i'd run a 7.0 nu-jet and a 5-6 wedge,lake water 17/23-25 depending on whether you had the aat or not and a 3-4 wedge.and a finger throttle.can't even imagine riding one with a thumb throttle

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    I'm pretty much heading that way with mine. So far I have the Hot Seat plate, V Force 3s, jet works valve, I will be doing the tau ceti flame arrestors that are on the x 45 I am getting. I am probably keeping the stock heads and cdi though. I have the 4 degree wedge in it, but I may try the 6 and see what it does. Last time I rode the ski with trim full up I was losing speed and throwing a rooster tail, so I don't know how much difference the wedge will make. I have an extension on the tail cone but I plan to get an AAT. I also have 3 props to choose from. A 7.0 a Polaris 707 and a Polaris 554 17/25 skat prop. I will be testing all 3 to see which one I like.

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