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    polaris 700cc freedom ski

    just wondering if anyone can help
    i would like to know if i should have pulse coming from both black wires white stripe from cdi to coil
    i have unplugged both wires from coil and have pulse from one and nothing on the other
    reason being the ski will not fire
    can anyone tell me if one is earth and one is power if so are they meant to be plugged on the coil in a specific order
    ie power to top spade and earth to bottom or the other way around

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    My meter did not read quick enough to measure a "pulse".
    While cranking I had 240 volts DC on one blk/wht wire from the CDI,
    the other wire had 0.13v-0.3v from the CDI.and no- I did not get a ground signal on that wire.

    No,there is no specific order for those wires,mine ran the same in both configurations.

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