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    GPRXP project w/ Rude Nils built engine

    $5500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

    I have been slowly working on this ski over the past year. I am moving from PA to FL and have to sell some toys. This ski is almost done- needs a few things finished up including intercooler and piping, finish water lines, new battery.

    This was DrewNJs old hull and was set up right.
    02’ Hull w/ narrower 04’ Seat
    New Pro Taper bars and risers, Oury grips
    New Holeshot kit (jetworks valve)
    Pump tunnel reinforced
    New Updated pump/Plate brackets
    New Pressure relief
    New Updated front grate bracket with rear drilled/tapped to M8
    Pump properly sealed and hull mildly trued/cleaned up
    New hydroturf with all holes blocked
    New Leo’s holeshot kit
    Versi Plug drainplugs
    05 rxt gas tank installed
    flat black painted fairings

    05+ Pump
    15/26 Dynafly
    2” extension
    1200 grate
    SHO steering nozzle custom bored to 90.5mm
    New Pressure relief
    cut metal trim tabs

    new Hydrotoys conversion motor mounts
    new Addicted driveshaft
    new TDR waterbox
    all wiring, MPEM, and all electronics
    gauges and harness

    Fully built by Nils Castillo- I have full receipts from Nils. roughly 20 hours on engine before it was installed. This is a similar engine that was in Jerry's Nilamonster. When this engine was built, Nils had used pretty much all new parts to build it- as seen on the reciept.
    Fully built Rude valvetrain
    JE forged 9.5:1 pistons
    Rotax Racing cam
    new crank
    lightweight Rude valvetrain w/ upgraded springs
    upgraded flywheel bolts
    oil jet
    fully ported cylinder head work
    Riva open loop cooling setup
    I was planning on running a stock ECU, X-charger, 42s to get it tuned and up and running. I have manifolds, cut j-pipe, pretty much everything to finish.

    Gotta sell in next few months----- $6500 FIRM

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    I will also say this-- I will sell to the first reasonable cash offer who comes to pick it up.

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    I've seen this Ski in person and it's a great deal from a real good seller. I would buy it myself if I didn't have soo many Ski projects already.

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    new price of $7000

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    would also take firearms and watch trades.

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    I've purchases a motor from Cody and can vouch for his stuff.... Man I wish you would have sold me this motor instead.... Maybe I'll have to pick up this deal....

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