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    New Virage, where to start pre-season?

    Ok, thanks for everyones help in my huge "Going to look at a SLT750" thread. After the dust settled I ended up buying 2 ski's in Michigan (with a brand-new trailer) for less than what I would have paid for the Virage alone up here in Canada. I'm quite happy.

    The one machine was a Seadoo XP which ended up having a seized motor, and it's been sold. The second, a 2000 Polaris Virage. Turned out to be a very nice machine short of tiny bit of damage on the nose cowl which should be easy to hide. 101.1 Hours showing on the MFD, everything works perfect, and starts with a mere touch of the starter. (No worries, haven't ran it for more than 15-20 seconds so far...)

    It appears to be virtually water-ready as it sits on the trailer right now. Although the previous owner couldn't identify a spark plug from a throttle cable the machine did appear to be taken care of according to manufacturer specs - dealer serviced and was dealer winterized last fall.

    So, my first order of business is to get the carb rebuilt - the engine has excellent compression (141, 145) and seems super healthy, so I want to keep it that way. Too many horror stories of lean seizing around here to not put this as my #1 priority.

    Where should I turn my attention to after that? Does this model year have the problematic grey fuel lines that I was warned about so frequently when I was looking at the SLT? I haven't yet dug overly deep into the engine compartment to look at a whole lot (the days are still short so it's dark when I get home from work, and it's freakin' cold out still) so aside from my initial health checks at pickup and a quick glance in there to look things over last night, I haven't done much poking around.

    Although it was dealer serviced, that doesn't mean that the dealer did everything they should have, so I'm basically constructing a "Start here, do this, fix that, change those" type list to ensure we have a successful season. This is a machine for my wife, so reliability is important, but it will also be used a lot for towing since it's our only 3-seater which is a legal requirement here.

    Last but not least, the previous owner advised he only used synthetic injector oil - is that worth sticking with or is regular dino oil sufficient? Should I drain out the synthetic before switching to dino, or will the mix really matter?

    Thanks in advance, everyone.

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    It most likely has the grey lines, unless they have been already replaced. As far as oil, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. What oil options are available to you? Some people will tell you to just run the cheap Wal Mart stuff, since it has worked for them. If you want to waste some time reading about ya go......

    I picked up some of the Legend oil he refers to in the article and I can't wait to see what it does.

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    Ok, built a stand this evening and got it in the garage where I could finally spend some quality time under the seat and start the maintenance.

    I like what I see so far - everything looks healthy and clean. The hull needs a good scrub and rinse inside, but nothing out of the ordinary, and no signs of injector oil or leaking exhaust, just grime really.

    There are still the grey tempo lines on the machine, so I will get replacement lines this weekend and swap them all. The oil injection lines look good except it seems a bit swolen just before the filter, post-tank. I'll probably replace all the injector lines as well - any preference to what is used in this application? Did polaris still use some oddball size line that is a PITA to source like they did on the 80's snowmobiles?

    I'll order the carb rebuild kit next week.

    Going to drain all the old gas out of it, clean the strainer/separator, etc. I'm NOT going to risk using fuel more than few weeks old in any of my machines this year, especially after reading this thread.

    And last but not least - from the carb I see a feed line from the tank, a return line to the tank, and a third tempo fuel line that seems to lead down under the engine - is this the pulse line? I'm assuming the fuel pump is built into the carb on this machine since I don't see one elsewhere, and assuming that mystery line is the pulse line, I'm making an educated guess.

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