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    900 zxi only 4000 rpm

    I ran it a few days ago and it rev'ed smoothly to about 4000 rpm/ 40 mph and stagnated. I brought it home and tested the temp sensor. It read very high resistance so seems ok. I also disassembled the carbs, the inlet screens were clean. I replaced all the fuel lines from the tank down stream and didn't see any obstructions. I am out of ideas here. Any one have suggestions of what to look at next?

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    Sounds like you have one cylinder that's not firing. What do the plugs look like? When you run it, do you have a cold cylinder?

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    i agree with steve. would do a spark test. we have testers here, for sale 15.00 ea

    i use this, run / ride the machine with the seat off, and look for it to drop a cyl, or intermittent spark.

    i have had this on the ZXi's, and found just taking off the plug boots, and cutting the wire back a 1/4 inch or so, will fix the problem.
    could be other things causing it though.

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    I pulled the plugs and they all looked the same, but based on the fact that it is running well up to 4000 rpm, makes sense that they look similar. I will order the tester and give it a run test... Thanks guys

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    I haven't received the spark tester yet, but I did remove the spark plug caps from the wires and discovered that on all 3 wires the braided core had receded about 3/8" away from the end of the insulation. I trimmed it back exposing the core wire and replaced the caps with dielectric grease and a tie wrap to secure it. I plan on putting it in the water tomorrow and testing it. I also did a compression test and all three read around 120 after the cylinder cycled 4 or 5 times. I will report back on the results tomorrow. Thanks

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    I took it out and ran it today after stripping back the plug wires. Still runs the same. Wondering if I need to completely overhaul the carbs because when I release the throttle about half way and bring it back on, it will surge for a second or two and then go back to the 4000ish rpm. Seems like it could be a fuel problem rather than an ignition issue.

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    be carefull if it is a fuel problem or you might burn it down. You can also check to make sure all cylinders are firing by unpluging two and starting it on one cylinder. Check them all and see if they are running. These skis run quiet well on just two cylinders.

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    I just bought a watcom spark tester and am getting ready to test each cylinder that way. I checked the plugs, they seem to be all about the same color wise, and doesnt look lean at all. It seems to start and run fine until it accelerates to 4-5000 rpm then plateaus. If I move the throttle back and forth in the half way range it will surge slightly but not maintain the rpm.

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    are all the pissers pissing, when you have it running, if not it will go into "limp mode"

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    I disconnected the limp switch and it still ran the same

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