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    Found an '06 RXP for sale locally, this price look good?

    I'm looking for my first ski and found an '06 RXP for sale nearby. It has 54 hours on it and the owner says it has been serviced by the local dealer (records available). It's stock as far as I can tell.

    The s/c washers haven't broken, but also haven't been replaced with upgraded pieces. (from my reading this is a common item to replace?)

    He's asking 5k with trailer and the ski looks nice in pics.

    Assuming I can tow it to the dealer to have them look it over, does that sound price about right?


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    I haven't personally priced any skis in forever, but I don't think $5k is bad for only 54hrs on a stock RXP. Is it an OBO sale? Is it clean inside and out? Garage kept? Salt water or fresh water driven?

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    Ah.. yea, it's been under cover (not a garage, but out of the rain/sun at least. As far as I know it's been mostly used on fresh water, but we are only ~30miles from the ocean... so?

    It's on craigslist, so I'm assuming it's obo Looks clean from the pics, I'll go look at it in a few days and hopefully be able to take it to a dealer.

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    This deal won't last long if it is what the guy says is correct:

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    I think riding it would be better than takin it to a dealer.. makin sure it has full say around 8000 to 8100 depending on weather.. check for warning indicators obviously.. check oil..

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    Yea if you're gonna have it looked at, you should get a compression check done + drive it to see if it all operates normal (solid thrust/acceleration + normal peak RPMs).
    Outside if that, you're likely pretty safe at 54hrs (54 is a pretty low number)...just perform all the maintenance and standard parts replacements soon after purchasing (have SC rebuilt/upgraded by 80hrs or so).

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    ...also, when you go look at it check the condition of the impeller blades and the wear ring. If either are beat up a little, you could use them as bargaining tools, and look to replace them soon after buying if you want full performance. Ask about battery life in case that needs replacement soon. Don't want to get stuck in the water with a simple problem like a dead battery.

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    The first thing you should do is pull the intake hose off the SC and see if the wheel spins or moves with just slight pressure from your finger. If not, then do a compression check...

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    Thanks for the input guys..

    I went to look at it tonight. The ski is spotless inside and out, not a mark anywhere on it. No wear, scuffs, etc. The guy had a harley, a second boat, and a few cars and they are all immaculate. He's the original owner and had service records from '06 for ~$150 (break in service I'm guessing) and another from 2011 for ~$550 or so. There is a big break in time between those, but with only 54hrs I guess I can see why.

    He said he'd be glad to take it to the dealer and me meet him there to have them look at it and/or take it to the local lake and let me ride it.. so I'm going to meet him after work tomorrow and take it for a spin. Given the overall condition of the ski and his other toys, I think a ride will suffice?

    This will be my first ski (ridden before, never owned) and I'm a bit leary of owning a seadoo after all the internet rumors of their reliability vs yamaha.. I think even if I have some issues, the low price of the ski will make it a good buy in the end..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim View Post
    This deal won't last long if it is what the guy says is correct:
    I wouldn't buy that one..... it only has 214 HP

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