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    Which PWC would suit me?

    I didn't know where else to put this thread, since I'm not looking into any specific ski yet. I've owned a Yamaha Waveblaster and XL760 before. The Blaster was super fun, the XL was boring. I've been riding sport quads for years (on two wheels before that), and like thrills. That being said, I'm looking for ONE ski that my g/f and I can both ride (combined weight 260lbs) together, and I can still have 'fun' on. Jumping the occassional boat wake, playing on the waves on the inlet, carving up water in the turns, etc. So, I'm looking for a sporty 2-seater basically. I like the thought of a newer reliable 4-stroke, but over the years they've just gotten bigger and heavier. Are there any 4-strokes that aren't as big as the 3-seaters (hull size)?? If not, I was thinking maybe a Kawasaki Ultra 150 or Yamaha GP1200R or GP1300R would be the ticket? Reliability is one of the biggest factors, because I have a lot of hobbies and simply don't have the time to be working on the ski (maintenance aside of course) after every ride. I'm not brand loyal, the Blaster never gave me a problem, but the XL was a PITA, a buddy's Polaris wouldn't die, and another's Seadoo would never run right. What ever I do buy, I will probably enjoy doing a few mods to, as every quad/motorcycle I've owned has gotten facelifts. So... what ski would suit me?

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    Neither of the skis you mentioned are very good for 2 up riding 150 or the GPs...there are plenty of other factors you have to factor in...where you ride...lake or ocean....are you looking for long cruises, just getting out on the water or top speed.... availability of fuel ....93 or 87 speed or acceleration.... supercharged or many factors for some one else to make the choice for to do a bunch of reading on here ...and see if you can take a few test rides on different skis........ Hope that helps

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    For reliability and resale, I would get a 4 stroke.
    The only real 2 seater is the RXP, but the new ones are pretty big now.
    You might consider the smaller Honda; that's a reliable, fun ski and you can get a great deal on one these days. Personally I would go with a new Yamaha and get a 5 year Yamaha warranty. Best to test ride them all if you can; that's really the best way to compare and find the one that fits your idea of the perfect ski.

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