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    Engine seized on 98 XP LTD - thoughts? (EDIT: Sold it!)

    Alright, picked up a few machines on an eBay auction over the weekend. Anyone in the Polaris forum might have read my long thread over there.

    Anyhow, the Polaris that came as part of the buy was healthy. The trailer was great. The Seadoo was advertised as not-running, and sure enough, it wasn't. Couldn't get it to crank whatsoever at pickup so I couldn't even do a compression check, but it wasn't a showstopper.

    Pulled the cylinder head off this evening and found this in the PTO cylinder:

    Yep, not pretty.... but, what's odd is that the cylinder walls dont' appear to be overly scuffed up - it's hard to see in the pics, but once I cleaned out the shavings and chips, the cylinder was actually pretty least to the piston - perhaps it's worse below, but the engine is seized tight so I couldn't get any better look.

    The Mag cylinder appears intact.

    So....any thoughts? Aside from pulling the head I didn't do a thing - just wanted to confirm anything obvious, and well, there's something obvious.

    What caused it remains a mystery...

    Debating now on a few options:

    1/ Fixing it. Probably the least likely option as I really don't need this machine, it was just part of the eBay deal as a gamble.
    2/ Part it out. I suspect it's worth more in the sum of it's parts than as a whole?
    3/ Sell it as is to someone and watch it drive away. It's in pretty good shape - needs a good scrubbing and cleaning, but has potential.

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    Try to list it here and see if anyone wants it would be what I would try first. Just some feelers out there and I am sure you would know really fast if parting it or selling it whole would work best

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    I have always wanted an XPL, if you were closer I would buy it off you.

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    Check the CB shaft!

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck View Post
    I have always wanted an XPL
    You, and apparently everybody else on the planet here in Ontario. On a whim I listed it for what I thought was a high-end reasonable as-is price on the local buy/sell website just before heading to bed last night. I woke up to nearly 40 emails this morning, the emails continued to flow in hot and steady, and someone offered me $300 over asking around 10AM. A bidding war between 3 people ensued, and the new owner just picked it up an hour ago.

    The machine was pretty nice (Aside from the front hatch) so it had a lot of rebuild potential for someone with an engine, which is exactly what the new owner had - a friend whacked the bottom out of his hull while riding his machine so he's going to put his engine in this hull. That said, it was a third machine for us (which I had no place and/or need for) that I was only going to sell no matter what the outcome (rebuild, part out, or sell as is) and the third option won out quickly.

    I won't post what I sold it for...but it was more than I thought I'd get for it as hull-value only, but a lot less than what I *could* have sold it for it it had been running. Anyhow, it was part of a bigger deal which still panned out nicely in the end.

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    I know it's an old post but did you ever verify the cause of the seizure?

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