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    Very Happy

    I have read many posts about cluch failure and I sympothathize with those who have had failures. It sucks to pay 10k for something and have it crap the first year. I have had my 05 RXP since the begining of this season and it has performed flawlessly, once I got the oil level right. The only mod I've done is opas blockoffs. I can't remember buying a toy I have enjoyed this much. Yesterday, with air temp of 75 and water temp in 60s it ran 69.5 on GPS. I couldn't get it over 68.1 until the water temp came down. Then couldn't get it past 69.2 until I tried riding superman style. I always sat as far back as I could, but superman style made a huge difference. A warning for someone trying superman riding position the first time, when moving near 70mph, let off the throttle slowly. Otherwise wear a helmet. I almost wacked my head the first time. You go from getting your arms streteched to trying to stop from sliding forward.
    Anyway, I couldn't be happier with my RXP with 50 hours on it. This winter, Riva stage 2. What a blast!

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    LOL!! wear a helmet, i love it. Glad to hear you are havin a blast with your ski... sweet numbers for a stocker!

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