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    99 SLX stator upgrade install

    I ordered a new CDI/Stator off ebay which the seller(Marto Motorsports) confirmed worked with my 1050cc 99 SLX. However, I talked with the shop and they said they cannot feed the wires through the stator housing. I remember reading something that the new stator may require some widening of the housing, is this true? Or, did I get the wrong stator? This thing has been a yard ornament more than a PWC, hoping I have finally figured out how to change that; thanks in advance for the help!

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    sounds like you got an early version PVL upgrade. it will work, but where the harness comes thought the mag housing, it is different.

    you have two options;

    * cut & splice your old harness on to the new stator assy.
    * replace the mag housing assy, with an earlier version ( i recommend this). i have, good used here, for 50.00 + s&h
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    "feeding the wires through the front cover" makes it sound like it is the early version cover.
    The later version cover has a "D" shaped grommet ,directly on the outside edge of the cover/housing.

    So I would say it is technically the wrong stator.

    Check with John at Watcon ^^^^,he probably has the older version update kit, at a much better price.

    The 99 stator was a bit of an odd ball,old style cover,but used the in-line stator connecter (used on later models)
    The 96,97,98 stator has enough wire to attach in the elect box-not using the in-line connecter.

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    John, I'm interested in the housing assembly...I just wish I knew how much of an odd duck the 99 polaris was prior to buying. The only thing on my end is I am stationed in Guam. All that means is I can only get stuff from USPS and it requires a customs form to fill out since it's considered international; same shipping costs/rules as stateside.

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    The only difference in the two is the stator cable exit on the flywheel housing. Electrically they are the same. As long as you are changing out the housing, you should change out the crank seal too. Have John get you one of those too. When you get it assembled and before you put the flywheel back on do a leak down test. Those flywheel housings are sometimes difficult to get them to seal. If you have a leak there you will most likely burn down the MAG cylinder. Get it all buttoned up and all should be well.

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    Welcome to the Hulk, Although I think a little to late as it costed you alot dealing with Mario (he has the most overpriced items on e-bay), John is a major supporter for us Polaris guys here,he'll treat you good.

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