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    4 tec intake (suction side)

    just thought i would throw one out there im constently reading about the kaneflex intake that most people go with but has anyone ever put an aluminum intake in place i didnt know if there was an advantage with the kaneflex over a rigid aluminum

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    I believe the cost factor would come into play at that point.......

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    ive done it on mine, tho its probably a disadvantage because of the heat soak that the pipe receives. But since its compressed and cooled by the IC i guess the effects are minimal. If i were to do it again i'd just go with a kanaflex install.

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    Did mine with 4" alloy and silicone bends. Wasn't easy to get the 4" pipe past the intake man had to put about a 15deg silicone bend half way.

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    riva rear air.

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