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    speedster150 wont rev over 5100rpm

    I ve got a brand new speedster 150 with the 255hp engine. First time i took it out it refused to go over 5100 rpm. I pulled the plugs as it was sitting for about a year and 2 of the plugs were new one was a little black but still good. It revs no problem to limit out of water but as soon as you put it in water refuses to go over 5100rpm.

    One thing i did notice was first time i hit accelerater i felt a thud as revs rose (supercharger kicking in???)

    Such a dissapointment on first outting. Returning to dealer is out of question as its a personal import and hes in the US and im in australia

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    The supercharger doesn't kick in (begin producing boost) until more like 6500rpms, and there would be no "thud" at all; it's a smooth gradual boost. The thud could be worrisome, like maybe some detonation... hopefully the gas wasn't sitting around in it for about a year. Did they give you more than one key? (want to make sure they didn't give you a white "learner's" key). Does it run rough? (could only be running two cylinders) I wouldn't be rev'ing it to the limit out of the water with no load on it, especially brand new. You should still get 6500rpms, if the supercharger wasn't working, but just in case, check it by taking the big air hose off the front/middle of it, then take a rachet using a 15mm socket and try to turn the nut inside that air intake (either way). If it turns more than a degree or so, you've got a supercharger issue. Seems to be an issue of just one spark plug not firing, though. Changing the plugs might be a good first step; they could look fine, but still not producing spark.

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    Similar situation happened to me last year, problem was the supercharger hose came off. Boost kicks in at about 5000rpm on those 255hp ski's.

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    check the supercharger, like vx1 said, i think you can use your finger instead of a ratchet, thou. then change the plugs, drain some gas, and put some fresh gas in and you should be ok. let us no.

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