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    shipping International

    Hey guys,

    Trying to ship a few parts to Greece. Cheapest price I can find so far is a medium flat rate box USPS but its like 48 bucks. That seems crazy to me.

    Do you have any suggestions that could save the buyer a few bucks?


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    its been like that for a couple years now, usps prices got jacked up a number of times lately.
    only trick i have now is for smaller items i can fit in a padded flat rate envelope, bubble wrap it real good and wrap padded envelope in clear packing tape and its under 20 bucks.
    only send priority or express, don't use any of the lower services as the items won't get there anyways.
    i ship at least 5 things a week out of usa.
    what part are you looking to ship?

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    Thanks for the reply. was trying to ship a pump nozzle , which i dont think i can cram into a padded envelope. The other smaller part would fit in a padded envelope.


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