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    Couple of pump questions...wear ring, corrosion, other mods, etc

    Ok so I'm installing a new impeller, I got the old one out, and am curious if I should change out the wear ring while the pump is out of the ski. It is scratched up, I'm assuming from debris, as the old impeller was bent/chipped pretty bad. I'll include pictures with the new impeller in, the clearance looks pretty good, the new impeller spins freely, but I'm no expert. What do you guys think?

    Now to the corrosion, I'll put a pic up of the pump, it has some corrosion on it, is there a way I can get rid of it? Light wetland? Or something of the like.

    Now the mods, I'm doing an intake grate, ride plate, impeller and sealed the pump shoe. Anything else y'all would recommend while the pump is out? I'm thinking just go ahead and do the jetworks mod, and a new nozzle. (any size recommendations? I searched a lot and just can't decide, I mainly ride water thats flat, but can get up to 1-2' chop, sometimes more)

    is a 5* exit nozzle worth it? How about the anti-cavitation cone?

    I appreciate any input!!

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    That wear ring looks usable to me. And you could scuff off that light corrosion with a scotch bright pad. There maybe better ways though.

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    Thanks for the help! I'm gonna re use it

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    While you have the pump out,here's a few bolt on mods that work that won't be costly....
    1)your nozzle is already 5* on the HO pump
    2)leo wedge....better hookup and top speed 1-1/2 mph....($90)
    3)leo holeshot...less drag on takeoff ($200)
    4)SHO steering nozzle....tighter steering ($25)
    5)washers under trim tabs....less porpoising (40)
    6)anti cavitation cone .....good paper wt

    Research these mods yourself and see how other GPR owners liked and seen gains too..the GPR been around a while.....

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