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    How long is too long on a hitch??

    I think I already know the answer to this but the b/f is concerned. So I thought I'd ask you guys---I have a '04 4 Runner with a 7,000lb towing capability and a 700lb tongue max. We're getting a double trailer and this double has a 1 7/8" coupler on the end. My ball is 2". So, I bought one of those 3-ball hitch things that slides right into my 2" square receiver (factory mounted). Here's the issue. It sticks out about 2" further than my oem hitch/ball. My b/f thinks this would put way too much stress on the hitch receiver with 2,000lbs of jetskis, etc. I disagree as I have seen people use hitch extenders when they have pick-ups with campers in the bed part, pulling horse trailers and such. Heck, I've seen hitch extenders as long as 48"! I do believe though when you do extend a hitch more than 10"-12" that is does reduce the towing limits..?? But I wouldn't think 2" would amount for anything unless I was actually pulling near the 7,000lb max.
    Any thoughts?

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    You're not going to have any problems. I have the same thing on my truck and have bee pulling my car hauler without any issues

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    i've also hauled cars before without issues that are at least double the load you are talking about. No worries

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    Remember, it's only 200 pounds of downward force (assuming a 2000# load and 10% tounge weight) actually pressing down on on the hitch. You're fine.

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    The lever effect only becomes an issue well beyond 2" of extension, especially with the extremely light tongue weight you are dealing with.

    Although there is a legitimate concern with the super-long extensions that you see out there (many of which are not even designed for towing use, but that's another story), it only really becomes a concern when you're dealing with much heavier tongue weights, or trailers that use weight distributing hitches.

    Hookup and go, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xray328 View Post
    Remember, it's only 200 pounds of downward force (assuming a 2000# load and 10% tounge weight) actually pressing down on on the hitch. You're fine.
    I Agree!

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