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    yamaha xlt1200

    i just got my first ski, today after first ride i wasn't thinking and ran water through engine to flush for aproximately 10 minutes without the motor being started. what is likely to happen from this noob error. I'm stressing it like crazy and i have tried to get it started but it WILL NOT no matter what i do. supposably the engine is new and this was the first run and is under a no fault warranty until june. What am i to do, and what is a no fault warranty

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    the engine probably has water in it and it will rust up the bearings very fast. Pull the plugs, crank the water out, and reinstall the plugs. squirt a tiny bit of gas (premixed oil and gas is preferred) down the carbs if you have trouble getting it started.
    The next key thing is to dry it out REALLY REALLY good. The best way is to run it hard on the water to get it nice and warmed up which will evaporate the water from the crankcase.

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    Get it dried out quick not many warranties will cover it when they open it up and it is rusted up

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    once it gets started run it good and long

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    no fault is exactly what it states. They will cover your error. Most likely an SBT motor. You can blow it up due to your error and they will replace the engine no questions asked.

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