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    You Know Your Addicted to Caffeine when....

    You have to drink some form of caffeinated beverage just to sleep.
    This was happening to me. I cut WAAAAAY down.

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    It's 6:09 AM and you're on your 2nd 20oz. cup of coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post
    You Know You're Addicted to Caffeine When...

    You kill a guy for trying to switch your regular coffee to decaffeinated Folgers. almost

    You have a mini-fridge under your desk... and a catheter. I've thought about it!

    Mountain Dew is the stuff great decisions are made of.-Absolutely!!!

    Your web page has the Mountain Dew color scheme.-My stand up jet ski actually does

    * You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to caffeine.

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