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    Freestyle pump work for SX800R. Prop, bearing, etc Recommendations?

    I have a stock 2006 800 and have never touched the pump bearings. Yes, I know...
    As I was under it the other day I noticed a rubber seal/bushing? that was slidding down the impeller shaft. Not sure which direction it came from (prop or output area) made me realize, maybe it was time for some TLC down there.
    Since I will be pulling the pump I thought I would reach-out and see what the thoughts are for bearing replacement and possibly prop replacement. Do we stick with Kawi bearings beacause x,y,z? or go with???
    I freestlye the ski about 95% of the time so losing top-end means nothing to me for better lower-mid-end.
    Also anyone have a 2006 repair manual in "E" form to sell or share?


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    i would bet, the rubber seal you see, is the impeller nose bushing.

    i have jet pump rebuild kits here, 50.00 + s&h

    also have new impellers ( and tools here). if you want the best, for bottom end, i would recommend an impro's hooker. they are in the 285.00 range. i also have solas dyna fly impellers available here for 285.00. these too work excellent in the SXR.

    other things to think about would be a freestyle cone = 50.00
    and maybe some easy engine tuning / mods.

    i would be happy to help with anything you need. please email or call the shop if interested.

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