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    blow off valve

    hey i have no mods on my ski its stock. and i was wondering if i installed a bov if it would have any effect on performance or any gains

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    No performance gains at all. They are mainly used to relieve pressure that is placed on the Superchargers clutches. If you have not done so, I would make your first modification be metal S/C washers to replace the ceramics. You can find a lot of info here on them and also buy them from the online store.

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    but it wouldnt hurt the ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T_Bundy_04 View Post
    but it wouldnt hurt the ski.
    it would not hurt the ski if you are running everything would relieve stress on the clutches until you replace them with metal ones...

    I myself plan on getting a new ski in the next few months, and before it even hits the water for the first time I will have removed the SC and upgraded to metal ones...

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    if u push the s/c over 10 psi u might want a bov or if u run the riva s3 s/c u need the bov

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