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    HELP2001 gpr 1200 r needs new motor

    New to the site and relatively new to the PWC world. I have a 2001 GPR 1200R motor is blown. I have a guy that says he can put in a new motor and set the carbs for $3500, that is more then the value of the ski. I am pretty handy and work on my own cars and motorcycle. Where can I get a new motor Is SBT a good option? Relatively easy to install with help of sevice manual? How much should I expect to pay for new motor? Also, the skis are not in my garage right now but I do have the titles, how can I tell weather or not I have the power valve engine will the year alone tell me. Thanks ahead of time and go easy on me I am a rookie at this.

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    I've seen mixed reviews on sbt. I have the same motor from them with 40 hrs and a bad rod bearing, but I haven't determined yet if an oil pump issue caused it or not.

    I'm also a noobie to pwc's but from my understanding your year will tell you if it is a pc engine or not and yours should be. An sbt engine alone is $1600 for the standard motor. Plus shipping and core.

    I'd at least pull the head and jugs first. You might be able to save/fix yours.

    I'm also more of a car guy and got my motor out and torn down without much of a problem. If nothing else sbt has a nice guide for free in their support section.

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    If you can work on cars and bikes, you can definitely work on your GP1200. Yamaha's website has viewable owners manuals and parts diagrams for your needs. also has great schematics and parts call out specific to your ski. Search and you can probably download the shop manual at no charge. This forum has an absurd amount of information on it. Search the forum and try many different phrases for your questions. I joined last month and am already pretty much up to speed. Look on your cylinder head for the tag with the motor info. It's probably a 66V which is a Powervalve. Good luck.

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    You have the power valve engine

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