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    99 XL1200 Service Manual

    I'm new to the PWC world and have a 1999 XL1200 that has some major issues. If anyone could point me in the right direction for a repair/service manual it'd be appreciated.

    I pulled the engine, removed the jugs, and the first cylinder (from the front of the boat) was locked up. Broken piston skirt, bent ring, no rod bearing.

    I know it is a losing battle, but I at least wanted to figure out how to remove the rod and look at the crank. I'm used to car engines so the rods generally have bolts.

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    After realizing the gpr thread down two from this is the same engine I realize that my crank is junk and I can't fix it.

    1. So i'm looking at either a new crank, piston, and fix the jug
    2. reman engine
    3. part the ski out

    It's a 99 xl 1200 with trailer under 100 hrs in nice shape, but i'm thinking it might not be worth the repair. I have about $500 into it already and the repairs would put me pretty close to the value of the ski.

    I'd still like to get a manual to learn a bit more, and if anyone has any opinions i'd appreciate it.

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    well i took a chance and paid $4.95 from a site and got the manual. It all worked out, so i'm guess i'm good with that. Looked a little shady, but the manual is fine.

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    What site ahall13? Did they have other models too?

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    It didn't look real trustworthy, but since it was a paypal payment and not directly processing the payment on the site I gave it a try. As soon as the payment finished it took me back to the site for the download.

    they have quite a few manuals

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