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    Seadoo 2012 RXP-X 260 handlebar replacement using stock clamp and controls

    #1 Remove (destroy) stock grips
    #2 Remove 2 bolts in bottom of crossbar pad.
    #3 Remove 3 alan bolts that hold controls together on both left and right side bars
    #4 Remove covers, electronic controls, and wiring
    #5 Remove alan bolts that hold the giant bar clamp/steering assembly together
    #6 Pull it all apart

    #7 Next I ground the stock clamp to fit the new bigger bars. The Dremel with the grinding disc is the way to go. One side of the clamp is pretty straight forward... grind until the fat bar fits into the clamp. The other half has a raised piece that acts as a stop for the stock adjustments you can do on the px bars. You have to grind that smooth, then grind the clamp to the larger diameter like the other side. My best advice is to go slow, check the bars for fitment and grind again.

    #8 This is were I started taking photos... you can now re-assemble the bars back in the clamp along with the bar pad. I started by snugging the clamp up with the bars in it, rotated the bars to where I wanted them, then tightened all the bolts evenly to make sure everything fit correctly.
    #9 Take the original bars with controls on them and cut a groove along the manufacturing seem so that you can get the controls off the original bars (only way I could figure out) and pull the controls off old bars.
    #10 Cut the excess "sleeve" that is used on stock bars for the adjustments off the control. You then have to cut/grind notches in the plastic of the controls (depending on your choice of bars and how close you want them to slide towards the clamp) so that they fit on to the fat bars. In my photo album you can see the steps I took to notch out the stock control to fit the taper and diameter of the new bars. Again, do this in stages so you do not grind out too much at once. The Dremel works a little too fast sometimes lol.
    #11 Slide the notched controls on the new fat bars, position the controls where you want them for your riding position, mark the bars where the stock holes line up, pull the controls off, drill the bars and then tap the hole with the correct tap.
    #12 Slide the controls back on the bars. I used a ton of silicone (around the bars, on every seem and in every hole created by notching the controls to fit the bars) to seal everything, along with coating the electrical components with electrical lube, and putting some grease where the throttle and ibr lever slide.
    #13 Re-install the grey metal control cover and alan bolt, then the black plastic control cover and 2 alan bolts. Next I applied more silicone to fill any gaps that were missed or not completely filled.
    #14 Slide grips (of your choice) on the bars in to the position you want, cut any excess bar off, then clamp them down.
    Finito! If you have question let me know. It is a lot to explain without being able to post the more than 24 pics I took in the thread. I will be testing them tomorrow!
    Hopefully this is the link to the album I uploaded for this project...
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