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    Wingman to the rescue

    Well, today was the day when several things went wrong but the important things went right.Worked Sunday night but the weather looked good for a shot at a marlin over the Manukau.
    Me and Stefan (Fugu) buddying up.
    Jetskis x2.
    Launched from Little Huia about nine and immediately sucked up a stone, so back on the trailer off to the paddock, stone out back in the water, not a good start.
    Big tides today but little wind from the NE and small swell, out through the South west channel, looking for some good water.
    Temperature up on last week, but water was pretty green until we got to 65m.
    Decide to put lures in.
    Stef sucks up his B&P Zuker
    Dives in to see if anything can be done but 300lb mono is pretty unforgiving round the impellar.
    Attaches tow rope

    Your towel sir

    I made the pan call on 16 to let the Coastguard know what was happening, we had all the equipment we needed, tow rope, PLB each, vhf each, extra gas (I'll come back to the gas later )
    At 1055 we started the tow, speed 8kn.
    We decided to go in via the South channel as we both reckoned it would be the smoothest as we would be going over the bar at the peak of the flow.
    Stef had his lunch on the back of my ski whilst being chaufered home

    Auckland Maritime Radio kept in regular touch as we crept towards the bar.
    We started our cross in easy conditions, three quarters of the way in the fuel alarm went off
    Should have topped up before the cross.
    Oh well commited now, much puckering ensued, chat stopped.
    At one point we were doing 1kn forward with the speed indicating 6kn.
    So we got to the turn in the crossing, got what we could ready and tipped in twenty litres, I think I remember the SOG being 4kns.
    Started and we're off, now doing 3kn SOG.
    Back to Little Huia, neearly bottom of the tide so trailer unhitched, wind the skis on and rope pull them up the beach.
    The journey took 4 hours, but we had the kit to get us out of the pooh. With the knowledge that the coastguard had our backs.
    Looking forward to getting that marloon eventually

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    lets race.... mikeFZR's Avatar
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    Always helps to have the right gear! Glad everything worked out.

    ps- sounds like old man and the sea

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