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Thread: 2007 colors

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    2007 colors

    Just wondering if anyone has seen the 2007 RXP's in person. If so is the yellow nice, is it as bright as it looks in the pictures or not? If anyone has some personal pictures of them that would be great.

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    Don't like the red very well. It's personal, but Sea Doo Yellow is the only way I ride. I can get back to ya on it when I visit the boat show in Chicago two Saturdays from now.

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    you not buying that ski down south after you had dan go look at it?

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    I still gotta get down to florida to see it. The problem Im having is airfare right now is high for me so is the car rental price. I still have my options open just incase cause he might sell it before I even get down to look at it. All I know is whoever gets that ski is going to have one sweet ride. Anyway im just curious to see what the yellow this year looks like from someones personal camera instead of how seadoo wants you to see it. I remember last year looking at the 06 model and the gold looked great online then when I got there to see it I was very dissapointed in it.

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    I could be wrong, but I thought the 2007 red was the 215 hp and the yellow was the NA 155 model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by watermedic View Post
    I could be wrong, but I thought the 2007 red was the 215 hp and the yellow was the NA 155 model?
    You can get the 215 in black and Yellow. The GTXL is looking good to me!

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