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    Whats involved in fitting after market bars - Rxp

    Just wondering what is involved in fitting a set of after market bars such as rental or riva ones.
    can the standard throttle setup remain?
    whats the go with the start stop etc buttons
    how are the bar mounted ? can you use the standard mount?

    any help would be great looking into getting a set of bars and odi grips

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    You can make the stock setup work but best to try and pick up an x or umi setup up. If you stand up a lot you may not like the height of the umi setup.

    Do some searching there's a bit out there.

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    Excatly what im looking for the umi steering

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    yea you can fit any 7/8" bars you want after you remove all the plastic surrounding the stock bars. Your going to need a throttle lever, and a umi stop/start housing, and the mode/set buttons wont have a place to go (unless you just zip tie them to the bars like most people do. Also the stock stem is quite ugly looking.

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    It can be done easily but looks like crap unless you also install and finger throtle and UMI start/stop switch housing.

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