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Thread: Flush question

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    Flush question

    How long would you guys suspect water would have to remain on to find its way up the exhaust into the exhaust ports to cause a hydrolock? I see the warnings for this in the manual...but it seems to me it'd have to travel pretty far upwards.

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    if it only ran for 10 seconds max you should be fine. Its good that you started the motor after and blew the water out.

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    A few seconds isnt a big deal. If you already ran the ski I would say its fine. I had my FZR cut out on the hose before for about 5 seconds and no issues at all.

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    is it wrong that i turn the water on let it start coming out of the prop n grate then start the motor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KostaSHO View Post
    is it wrong that i turn the water on let it start coming out of the prop n grate then start the motor?

    Yes....That is wrong. You hook up your water hose, start the engine, and then start the hose. When you are done with your flush, kill the water first, then make sure you run all of the water out of the pump before you put it up.

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