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    GP 800 first time out after buying , questions

    took my 2001 GP800 with 160 hours , rebuilt motor out for the first time on Sunday , what a fun ski !!! ran great all day .Little slow coming out of the hole. Change prop ?
    Also have a free flow exhaust kit , is it worth the hassle to install , kind seems like pain in the *&^ to install .

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    Make sure the prop and pump is in good shape and doesn't have any dings. You can seal the pump shoe which will help alot and change the grate. Step your sponsons for free that might help your get on plane better. The free flow will help hole shot a little, but take away top end. If that doesn't do it look in to a jet works mod If the gp800r has that problem not sure. some one will chime in. Another option is a Leo's holeshot mod and it stops water from catching the lip on the back deck on take off.

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    Assuming that you've taken care of porpoising (on mine that meant adding a 10mm tab and shimming the rideplate a bit), just ride and enjoy! If you're determined to spend a little money, consider a Riva plate (not the groovy plate), an R&D intake (I didn't see much difference with mine but some claim it helps) and Impros has an "application specific" prop for the 800 (I have and did see some improvement)

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