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    New 2009 FZR or new 2011 VX cruiser?

    Newbie here. Have ridden quads for 10 years or so. Buddy of mine owns a Yamaha shop and have been wanting to make the move to PWC. He will sell me a brand new 2009 Fzr for a $1000.00 more than a 2011 VX Cruiser. I know they are totally different beasts. I have read so many things about the bucking problems with the FZR that i am a little apprehensive about purchasing it. Which is the better deal? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    If you have studied the issue, you know that for many of us the R&D Aquavein intake grate solves the bucking. We personally have a combined total of approx. 300 trouble-free hours on our FZ's with no bucking ever. 35 mph winds today and we had our skis in 4 foot waves; the skis have never failed to start, never left us stranded and never used more than 1 qt of oil in an entire year between the two of them.

    The only reason I would possibly choose a VX Cruiser over the FZ would be if I absolutely had to have the better fuel economy. Not taking anything away from the VX Cruiser, but you are talking about a 1052cc entry level machine next to the high performance flagship FZ series. The first time you get your azz handed to you by a FZ on that VX, are you going to chuckle about that $1,000 you saved? No, you will kick yourself and wonder what the @$%& you were thinking.

    The VXR or the FX SHO would be better comparisons to the FZ series. What type of water will you be riding in, smooth lakes or rough choppy waters? Do you plan on carrying a rider often or mostly solo? What's he asking for the 2009 FZ?

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    Lake riding. Half the time myself and the other half 1 other passenger. Don't care about mpg. Asking 8900 Out the door for the FZR. Is that a Good price? It's a so called buddy deal. LOL

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    $8900 out the door is a great price............especially with a trailer..........

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    Price does not include trailer...

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    You can find a trailer for cheap...

    If you're in to performance then get the FZ for sure..

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    I have the FZS which is just the three seat version of the FZR, they are great ski's. You will not be disappointed with the FZR that for sure.

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    Wow!! that's a great price on that FZR!!! They are great machines and you'll have the top of the line---the 09s are the same as the 12s except for changes in color choices. I think there may have been minor changes to the clutch assembly in the supercharger but little else.
    Based on folks here and other forums, they are very reliable (I have FXHOs and love them but the FZR is much faster!)
    If you ever decide you want a 3 seater instead of the 2 seater, there's usually someone on this forum willing to trade seats ---easy swap--just the seats and plastic rear handle.
    be sure to get the R & D Aquavein grate and install it asap!

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    8900?? FZR for sure!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtskier11 View Post
    8900?? FZR for sure!!
    Ya, this a "lock" if I ever saw one . . . even at $9900 the answer would be the same!

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