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    Hey guys my crossover when I bought it didn't come with a hitch and lighting. So I went to u-haul to get a hitch and plug installed a year ago. Well just yesterday I noticed my right rear trailer light wasn't blinking or getting brake but the other side was. I took off the rear lights on the car and saw how they wired it up. I also noticed a box all the wires go into from uhaul that looks like a converter or a box to help with power since it has a fuse and ground on it also.

    So I checked all connections and even put my light tester on the cars plug and sure enough the right side hole on the connector wasn't working. I am getting running lights on the whole trailer though.

    So my question is can I get rid of that box that they installed and just tap into the wire from the rear lights and just put a bigger fuse in under the dash? I have never seen this box before and only seen the trailer lights tapped into the original wiring for the car.

    If I need to get a picture for reference I can since it is easy to do so

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    You can buy light kits that just plug right into the existing vehicle wiring. NO cutting or splicing required. They cost between 20 and 30 bucks usually.

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    Great! Is a good place to get the kit?

    Also I wanted to put l.e.d lights on the trailer along with the side markers would I need to do anything to the wiring to handle them?

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