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    I just rebuilt my 2006 RXP SC

    Took about 3 days working an hour or so a day, had to buy a 129.00$ bearing press from Harbor Freight. Bought the kit + tools from EBay. Not as daunting as I thought it would be. I found the best step by step instructions from the Riva website for their old ceramic bearing set they used to sell, the Sea Doo instructions were useless for a first timer. Bought an aluminum oil change pan (the ones that are large and flat) to place on the work table and keep the pieces oiled and clean with a large clear plastic trash bag over everything when I wasn't working. So far everything worked on the initial startup, we'll see after several hours on the ski.

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    Also used Jerry's SC removal instructions to get the SC out. Very good write up.

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    Haven't had it on the water yet...any idea how long before I can open it up full throttle?

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