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    2009 stx15f good? bad?

    Hi guys, thinking of buying 09 stx...any good or bad comments? what should I look for? those that have, how wet of a ride? speed? thanks for any help!!

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    Purchased 15F new in 2008. All in all I have been very pleased. 250 hours and no problems that were not preventable. Had one minor electrical issue that was fixed under warranty. Fuel consumption is good, speed is OK (at the bottom end of high performance), storage is fair, and maintenance is minimal. It is an excellent all around ski that is easy on the wallet.

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    This Ski does more hopping than a rabbit on steroids! I had a 2008 15F. Seriously though, River Runner pretty much nailed it above. I would add that if it were me, do not go on rides with other "newer style" Skis as you won't be able to keep up; at all. Very dated hull design. But if you are just riding around and not expecting too much of it, then yes, the Ski can certainly fit that bill. The gas mileage is outstanding on this Ski!

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    awesome ski, good holeshot. not meant to keep up to the supercharged skis. very reliable. the seating height is good for people with shorter legs. the skis is a 62mph gps'd ski stock. lots of pulling power. its an all around great ski just dont expect to be the fastest on the lake. but wont leave you that far behind.

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    I have owned 15f's ever since they came out in '04 and haved loved every ride. It can porpoise if you have too much weight towards the rear of the ski. It doesn't have trim so you have to adjust your seating position to accomodate different conditions but not difficult. It is a very quick ski and will keep up with many crafts easily with just a few bolt ons. I have the riva intake filter, sponsons and a rideplate and it will do over 63 without a problem. The storage as stated isn't huge but it is useful and I take a lot with me. The nicest thing with this ski is I have done over 100 miles on rides on just the one tank of fuel comfortably and there aren't a lot of crafts that can do that especially the supercharged boats. It is a great tow boat for wakeboarding, tubing or skiing.

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    We just recently traded in an STX15F towards a 12' FXSHO. They are pretty quick for the money..but as previously mentioned they will kick your butt on the open water. Not really knowing anything about skis or whether we'd both enjoying going together most of the time we liked it for the cheap entry price and simplicity...but found ourselves wanting a drier ride and better ocean performance once we got a truer understanding of our needs. The STX sits very low in the water and when riding two up for us will start porpoising in even the mildest chop. On the plus side they don't use much gas and are reportedly one of kawasaki's more reliable skis.

    That being said, we still had a blast on ours...but wanted something bigger for primarily 2-up riding.

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    Ultra lx is good for those looking for great economy and will handle any conditions. And massive storage. And very low maintenance

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