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    cdk 2 carb has broken return nipple

    Hi all,

    I have a keihin cdk2 carb for a 1994 kawasaki sx750 that I dropped and broke the return nipple. Does anybody know if a replacement nipple is available somewhere. Or can I inststall a fuel inlet nipple and a restrictor in the return hose. I have found a fuel inlet nipple, but not return nipple. I hope somebody has been here before with an answer because this is not my carb, and I dont want to be buyong someone else a new one. Thanks

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    I should have one, I'll look tomorrow.

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    I found out part of the info i was looking for just by looking at the carburetor again. I dont believe there is a need for a fuel restrictor, at least the two broken pieces that are the same size as the fuel inlet. If you have one, what will it cost to sent to area code 76308?
    Thanks for looking.

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