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    Xr1800- Spark on cylinder 1 and 2 but no spark on cylinder 3 help

    Ok so I got my boat to turn over and start on both engines. I came across cylinder number 3 not sparking on starboard engine. It is misfiring. With the engine on I pulled the plug on cylinder 1 and it wanted to die out and same on number 2. When I did it to number 3 it stayed on and running and did nothing. I have swapped spark plug cables, swapped ignition coils, have also swapped cdi and nothing. The battery is brand new reading 12.6-12.8 and with engine on it goes to 13.20 so stator is working. If pickup coil was bad it would not work on all 3 cylinders. Does anyone have any suggestions or has this happened to anyone. I am at complete lost at this point I think I have tried anything please help.. Thanks

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    Yea I am not getting any spark I have the spark plug connected to the plug and touch the block and get no spark number 1 and 2 spark like crazy when I put it next to the block. Number 3 is getting no spark and is wet of fuel when engine turns over

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