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    1999 SLH700... few body parts for sale

    Disassembled my 1999 SLH700 today, most parts will be reused (engine,carbs, pump) but I have a hood(green), a seat (with broken latch like they all do), just faded and i do have a latch... Chopped up the hall but im keeping some odd parts around for anyone in need... in a week or 2 i will be tossing all un-needed parts away... my apartment is filling with jet ski parts, if no interest in them then they will be tossed. Just pm me and i will let you know if i have it... thanks


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    What do you want for the seat? May be interested in the hood as well. Do you have the hinge for the hood?

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    $30 for the seat plus paypal and shipping, $35 if latch is included (bought it off of ebay for $15 because i was thinking of repairing it this ski) couldnt tell ya if its the right one but its like my 96 sl model latch, dont know if they changed it or not

    $45 for the hood and hinge (hinge is broke at the point where the rod holds the hood up but it hinged and closed just fine, just have to hold the hood up... plus paypal and shipping

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