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    I Don't Mind Getting Crapped On!

    But only when I am reeling in big Striped Bass with thousands of birds diving all around me.
    I went fishing on my jet early this morning for a couple of hours. It was 38 degrees when I left Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach with SW winds about 10-15kts and seas 2-4 foot. I trolled North close to Cape Henry without any bites but some decent marks on the sounder. The whole time I am trolling there is a steady flow of gannets heading to my South with determined looks in their eyes. I finally gave in and picked up and ran South. I ended up off of Sandbridge in a flock of thousands of gannets diving all around me. As soon as I put in it was "Fish On!"
    I caught 8 nice Stripers in 40 minutes, I kept two around 38 inches. . Twice, I had two on at the same time on a Tomic Mojo combo.
    There were so many birds around me that I was covered in Gannet crap. It was raining poop but I did not care cause I was having a blast. I covered 35 miles and burned 8 gallons
    There was only one other boat around me with some guys jigging them up.
    Here are some pictures from today.

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    That always gets your heart pumping when the birds start diving like that. You can't cast enough or fast enough. We have that happen here, maybe not quite that many, but thats how we find the sand bass here in North Texas. Nice fish there! The largest we will pull in will be a 24" Hybrid which is a cross between a striper and a white bass.

    Thanks for sharing, I show all my friends your pic's.....They are simply awsome.

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    those are some awesome pictures

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