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    Icatch Trailer Question, buying my RXT this Saturday got to get trailer too

    from reading previous posts sounds like icatch stinks? cables stay broken and some have fell off trailer (which i would still have back strapped down ALWAYS) anyone have GOOD luck with it? Idea looks and sounds GREAT! unless you got a dead ski and need a winch but sure my Hummer can back far enough in water to float it on trailer THANKS!

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    What's wrong w/ a galvanized Shorelander or a nice painted 1 if you are not in salt water? I never tie down the rear of my skis if the trailer is set up properly.

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    Lots of people in our Canadian club baught those trailer and are really not happy about it. Like you said the problems are with the Icatch system and many of them have converted to a regular winch system.

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    Love my i catch. Although pulling the handle for the 1st time was a little scary, ski came off faster than I thought...don't pull real close to the side of the dock like I did the first time(close one).

    I back in till my fender is just under the water, start the ski, pull the handle...go backwards/dock. Get back in the car not all soaking wet because I didn't have to get in the water to dick around with the ski. Usually just my feet get wet before I step up onto the platform.

    Drive on is a breeze, locks right in and up you go. I still wrap my rope around the front when putting in\pulling out(not that brave yet). Always strap back of the ski down!

    The security cable is a real PIA. I think I can modify it or change it with a hook and chain and make it actaully usuable. I think they did something different with that for 2012. My icatch is a 2011 with the round frame/fancy mag wheels (got a better deal then waiting for the 2012)

    The handle should take very little effort to release, trailer may need some adjustment or ski may be partially locked in(can't release it if its already released...dah) and needs to be pushed forward(firmly locked in). If it feels like it's going to probably will.

    I really like the walk around deck, nice not to be over your waste in the water trying to get the ski off and on the trailer and then get on the ski. You don't realize how many steps are eliminated. For me it was worth it....but ya it's allot of money.

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