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    701 62T fit into Waverunner 760

    I have a 701 62T engine that is good, I just found a 97 Waverunner that is complete with a bad engine. My 701 is currently in a 95 Wave Venture. Would my 701 engine fit in place of the 760? If it would fit, is there a lot of modifications that would have to happen, or would it drop right in place?Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    The engine is a drop in, however the 760 exhaust manifold has larger ports for the 760 cyl, you may have to use the 701 manifold if it will fit the hull.

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    It will drop right in. The bolts on the exhaust manifold on the 760 are larger then the 701 62t. Thats it. You will be all good. Also make sure you dont mix up the eboxs. 760 electrics are one off.

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    The exhaust bolts on the 62t 701 should be the same as the 760. The 61x cylinders have smaller exhaust bolts but his 701 didnt come from a Superjet so should have 62t cylinder.

    Swap everything from the 760 over to your 701 long block and run it. The carbs will need to be rejetted no matter which ones you run. 38mm will need more fuel since the 760 pipe is better. 44mm will need less fuel since the engine has less displacement. Ski weight and pump loading play a part too. Just make sure your jetting is right.

    The 760 exhaust is better than the 701 version so run it. The 760 manifold is not different than a 760 manifold made for a 62t as far as fitment. Its a better flowing design though.

    The 701 electrics will use a lighter flywheel and are easier to get parts for. 760 electrics are more modern and have a bit of timing retard built into the rear cylinder which helps prevent seizing it.

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    The 701 with the 38mm carbs will use a little leas fuel than the 44mm. It will also make a little less power. The 701 port timing is a bit lower so might feel a bit stronger on the bottom. But overall will make less power. The 38mm will have a bit better throttle response but again will have less overall power than the 44mm carbs. Could be fun to try the different setups and see which you like best.

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    What abot the coupler I have a 97 waverunner hull tring to put in a 701 but the dampner ia a differnt size

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    what about the drive line coupler my 701 has a smaller dampner then the 760

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