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    rxp beeping after key removed and no vts dispay or operation

    My 2004 seadoo rxp continues a pattern of beeps after key is removed, and display comes on even with key removed, and vts display and operation never works. I even tried replacing the MPEM and ECM (and key) and the above still happens. Any ideas on this???

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    Bad DESS post. The reed switch is shorted. The VTS is a different issue, must be turned on in the MPEM by Candoopro or BUDS.

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    hey Mike.... i currently have the same problem but no beeps... my display comes on for 10 seconds every minute and primes the fuel pump also. i swapped my ecu and still does it. did you try the dess post? did you ever fix the issue? thanks.

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    set time circuits to:
    02-12-2012, 07:56 PM

    its the dess post , you don't need to waste a plutonium core for that answer....

    oh yeah, find that beauty here!

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    i dont think the dess post is my problem as my display comes on every 60 seconds for exactly 10 seconds and goes out with out any key.... over and over and over till the battery dies a week later because the fuel pump primes also for those 10 seconds..... any other ideas????

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