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    Riva fuel pressure regulator

    just purchased a riva fuel pressure regulator from riva installed it on my 2004 rxp to try to lower my afr's no matter which way i adjust it im getting higher afr's whether i increase or decrease the fuel i still get high afr's. I just purchased two of them one for a 04 and one for a 05 rxp both are doing the same thing not sure what im doing wrong anyone know what could help. All the lines were factory connected when i purchesed them. Only line i had to hook up is the piece that snaps on the top of the tank and the fuel rail line.

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    Your problem may be at the fuel pump. Either change the pump to a Walbro or try changing the filter or both. No reason you shouldn't be able to crank the pressure up after installing the RRFPR. These are simple to install with no major skills required. You did tap/drill the nipple on the intake manifold didnt you? If not with the boost reference line attached it will act like a plug in the hose if configured for the 1:1 rise in pressure. Any time your not running it for the 1:1 ratio (RRFPR) and no boost line it become an adjustable FPR but has a supplied vent that screws in where the hose attaches.

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