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    ultra 150

    ok guys me and my wife love our super fast ultra 150 but we are sick of the constant bouncing and wave jumping when we are just trying to cruse. we are thinking of buying a new ski and selling this one but i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions that would make the ultra 150 a little easier to cruse on in rough water?

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    Depends on your budget. Arguably the Yami FX is the best rough water. If you want to go all the way up to a Kawi 300 that is big and ridiculously powerful.

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    Ultra 150 will always be rough not matter what worse even with 2 up.
    The kawi 300 is nice but at 22 gal that can be burned in just over a hour ....well thats alot of fuel. Now cruising it will go farther but still nothing like a kawi15 or a yamaha FX HO once you hit the big skis you hit the big fuel price as well. There are still alot of skis out there that are older and ride very nice

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    Riding 2 up not much you can do to a 150. Its always gonna be rough I agree. Bang for the buck and not having to run high octane go with a 15F.

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